The security you were looking for

Innovation, reliability and support are just some of the reasons why many important customers have chosen our security systems for their homes.
Videosell guarantees security thanks to modern multi-purpose video surveillance and anti-intrusion systems for internal and perimeter protection, characterized by simplicity of programming and use. To provide real-time control, the solutions provide for the interaction between a vast range of anti-intrusion sensors, thermal cameras and digital recorders, with intelligent video analysis functions such as reading and archiving the license plates of vehicles passing through the property.

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Control, management and simplicity

Through common mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, it is possible to control and manage the entire surveillance system as well as orientate the speed-dome cameras.

From design to development

Our computer systems division on the market since 1993, guarantees the technical skills necessary not only for the design and installation of advanced and effective IP video surveillance systems, but also for their integration with home automation and video distribution systems. The project and development of the surveillance system are professionally followed by our designers, thanks to the help of powerful development software capable of:


Find the best camera positions and accurately calculate angles and fields of view for CCTV cameras even with custom 3D views.


Calculate the focal length of lenses.


Get an estimate of the bandwidth required for IP video systems with an unlimited number of network cameras and video servers.


Calculate the space required for hard drives, for storing data and creating video archives.

Our solutions provide for the possibility of viewing the video streams from the cameras in many ways including: Monitors - Televisions connected to video matrixes, smart touch screens, Iphones and Ipads, even remotely.

Camera control is entrusted to integrated systems that allow you to control many devices in your home in a simple and reliable way