A modular system

A modular system capable of treating the acoustics of domestic environments, not specifically designed for Home cinema use.

Panels: achievements and speed

It is a semi-standard system, the panels are made according to the specific project but based on a project standard we created in 2016. The modular structure developed in a team by our acoustician and our architects allows you to treat the room quickly and without complex processes.

Lights and emotions

K-space is perfect for both Home cinema and HiFi use, in the design phase we can decide the target reverberation based on the final use. The panels can be made with a wooden structure, varnished or lacquered in various finishes and the fabrics can be chosen from a palette of about 40 colours. All the materials used in the Domoworks rooms are first tested in an anechoic chamber to guarantee their compatibility. An example of a K-Space room can be visited, by appointment, at our office.

We put our hearts into it

Thanks to the great passion that moves us every year we grow, reaching new goals.


Take advantage of the skills of our specialized technicians, they will accompany you to clarify all your doubts.

Free demonstrations

We have been organizing totally free demonstrations and events in our Ellipse room for years.