Pro-Ject | Metallica Limited Edition

Beautiful, original, it is also an excellent product, capable of excellent performance

Pro-Ject's Artist Collection line of turntables is undoubtedly the most original on the market. Inspired by historical musicians or groups, one of all the Beatles, it offers products with excellent performance and strongly characterized in design and/or colors, but maintaining the typical form factor of a turntable.

This Metallica Limited Edition, dedicated to the famous US heavy group, has a design that is reductive to call original and certainly very far from any turntable ever released on the market.
It uses the stylized lightning design on the "M" and "A" of Metallica, united in the aesthetic line by the aluminum counterplate, and all visible thanks to the crystal plate.
The stylistic element of the logo, icing on the cake, is made of mirrored metal, which gives it an even more distinctive touch.

But beyond the -undoubted- originality, there is a turntable with excellent performance. Then a high mass glass platter which allows for accurate rotational speed whilst allowing you to see the stunning turntable and its incredible build quality.
The counter platter, as we said, is made of high mass aluminum and machined to very low tolerances, and adds more mass to the platter and drive system, further dampening unwanted resonances and further decreasing the already low wow & flutter.