Musical Fidelity | Nuovi finali di potenza multicanale

Musical Fidelity presented 3 new power amplifiers dedicated to home theater, from high powers with final stages to discrete class A/B and with impeccable mechanical construction.

They belong to the 6 series and are the M6x 250.5 models where the .5 corresponds to the amplified channels, M6x 250.7 and M6x 250.11.

Highlights M6x 250.7:
• 250 watts per channel for each of its 7 channels
• HiFi quality even for home theater enthusiasts
• Incredible load driving capability, unconditional stability to drive any loudspeaker
• Balanced RCA and XLR inputs
• RCA pass-through output for bi-amplification
• Trigger In/Out
• Completely silent operation, without fans
• Excellent construction quality of the highest level

Listening to a CD or a track in streaming without images is normal. But watching a movie without sound is absolutely not! And sound plays a very important role in a film by transmitting emotions and arousing amazement. Silences are as important as maxed out volume.

Sound engineers use sound effects, music and speech to enhance the total cinematic experience. A soundbar can never reproduce the feeling of cinema. While a home theater system using the new Musical Fidelity M6x 250.5, 7 or 11 power amps, most certainly will.

With the M6x 250.7 model, you can easily create a powerful 7.1 home cinema setup. The preamplifier/A/V processor can be connected to the power amp with both RCA and balanced XLR cables. Furthermore, if you want to use the power amp for bi or tri amplification, each RCA input corresponds to a through RCA output.
The speaker output terminals are gold plated and accept 4mm banana plugs, spades or oversized stripped wire. The trigger out/in allows you to turn the power amp on/off via other components.

The internal construction is modular with each amplifier stage in class A/B of 250W per channel. The dual power transformers are made to Musical Fidelity specifications, super silent and able to supply all the current that the final stages require, maintaining a high dynamic range and a detailed soundstage, fundamental characteristics for a home cinema amplifier. The M6x 250.7 is able to preserve all the detail and emotion, regardless of listening volume. Thanks to the sophisticated design of the heat sinks, the M6x 250.7 does not need fans to maintain the right temperature and dispose of excess heat.

Even the external construction of this amp is impeccable, with an extruded aluminum front and steel chassis. The finish can be chosen between the classic black or the more vintage silver.