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Discover the new Musical Fidelity M8xTT turntable on VideoSell!

If you are a fan of high fidelity and exceptional audio performance, you cannot miss the opportunity to explore with us in this article, Musical Fidelity's new reference turntable, the M8xTT , available now on Videosell.

This innovative turntable offers breathtaking design and absolute performance that exceeds the expectations of any connoisseur.


Extraordinary Design and Innovative Materials:

The M8xTT features a breathtaking design, with two large transparent surfaces and a powerful dual-layer aluminum platter.

The arm features an acrylic support ring and metal surfaces with a stainless finish, ensuring a unique aesthetic.

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Two Level Structure

The turntable is built on two levels, with a massive base decoupled via 4 large magnetic damping aluminum feet .

The second floor is supported by TPE (elastometer) dampers and Teflon spacers, offering exceptional stability and vibration reduction.


Advanced technology

Technical Details and Quality Materials

The DC motor, positioned angularly, is completely isolated from the turntable and the support surface through the use of polyurethane foam.

The belt drive, with electronic speed adjustment at 33/45 rpm , ensures precise control and flexibility in listening preferences.

  • Split aluminum platter with internal inserts: weight 10 kg and dampened with TPE for optimal stability.
  • Inverted spherical ceramic center bearing: Provides robust support and vibration reduction.
  • 10" aluminum straight arm: with integrated headshell and gimbal operation for excellent groove tracking.
  • VTA and Azimuth adjustments: allow you to customize the listening experience based on user preferences.
  • RCA and XLR output: maximum connection flexibility.

Whistle-turner belt

The Tradition Continues

Musical Fidelity M1 and the Technological Legacy

The M8xTT takes inspiration from its predecessor, the M1 turntable , which introduced the concept of high-mass acrylic turntables in the 2000s.

This technological heritage is reflected in the breathtaking design of the M8xTT, which combines inert masses and advanced materials for uncompromising audio quality.


Detailed Technical Characteristics

Measurable Performance

  • Speed: 33, 45 (electronic control).
  • System: belt driven with electronic speed control.
  • Wow & flutter: ±0.05% at 33rpm, ±0.04% at 45rpm.
  • Speed ​​variation: ±0.11% at 33rpm, ±0.10% at 45rpm.
  • Signal to noise ratio: -78 dB.
  • Dimensions: 533x245x413 mm.
  • Weight: 31.5kg.

Balanced connections

10 Reasons why to choose the Musial Fidelty M8xTT turntable

  1. Innovative Double Plinth Design: The physical separation of the two Plexiglass plinths guarantees optimal isolation, minimizing interference and improving overall sound quality.

  2. Advanced Technology and High Quality Materials: The M8xTT uses an angularly positioned DC motor, fully insulated by polyurethane foam. High-quality materials, such as aluminum for the platter and arm, contribute to the sturdiness and performance of the turntable.

  3. Electronic Speed ​​Regulation: The belt drive with electronic speed regulation at 33/45 rpm offers precise control and the ability to adapt to the user's listening preferences.

  4. Double and Damped Platter: The double aluminum platter with internal inserts, weighing 10 kg and dampened with TPE, provides stability and vibration reduction, contributing to faithful audio reproduction.

  5. Ceramic Center Bearing: The inverted spherical ceramic center bearing provides sturdy support and reduces unwanted vibrations during playback.

  6. High-Quality Tonearm and Customizable Adjustments: The 10" aluminum tonearm offers low resonance, while the VTA and Azimuth adjustments allow for personalized optimization of the listening experience.

  7. Connection Flexibility: With both RCA and XLR outputs on the back, the M8xTT offers maximum flexibility in connecting to different audio equipment.

  8. Technological Legacy: The M8xTT follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the M1, introducing the innovative high-mass acrylic turntable concept and maintaining Musical Fidelity's technological excellence.

  9. Quality Accessories Included: The turntable is supplied with high-quality accessories, such as a heavy aluminum record holder to stabilize playback and a leather mat.

  10. Measurable Performance: Detailed technical specifications, such as low wow & flutter, minimal speed variation, and high signal-to-noise ratio, attest to the M8xTT's superior performance.

head housing