Gamma WiiM | Esplorando Mini, Pro e Pro Plus

Mini, Pro and Pro Plus

The current range includes the compact WiiM Mini , followed by WiiM Pro and WiiM Pro Plus . They share the same software platform, but the Pro Plus offers superior audio quality thanks to the AKM 4493EQ DAC . All models feature an elegant design and comprehensive connectivity.

Miracle of Miniaturization

The WiiM Mini represents a miracle of miniaturization, offering almost all the functionality of larger models in a small space . At less than 7cm in size, it maintains versatility and connectivity, offering a compact option for music enthusiasts.

A Vision of Accessibility to High Fidelity Music

The WiiM brand was created by Linkplay with the goal of delivering high-quality smart home experiences and making high-fidelity music accessible to a broad audience through connected and intuitive products.

Comparison between WiiM Pro and WiiM Pro Plus

Top Level DAC:

  • WiiM Pro : TI5121 DAC for great audio quality and clear musical details.

  • WiiM Pro Plus : AKM4493 DAC for higher resolution and more detailed listening experience.

Advanced Resolution:

  • WiiM Pro: 48/16 ADC resolution, 192/24 DAC resolution for clear sound and wide dynamic range.

  • WiiM Pro Plus: 192/24 ADC resolution, 192/24 DAC resolution for exceptional audio precision and clarity.

Enhanced Audio Performance:

  • WiiM Pro: 106dB signal-to-noise ratio, 0.025% THD distortion for a quality listening experience.

  • WiiM Pro Plus: 121dB signal-to-noise ratio, 0.00023% THD distortion for enhanced audio performance.

Versatile Connectivity and Powerful Processor:

  • Both models share Quadcore A53 CPU, 512Mb DRAM, 512Mb Flash.

Choice of Inputs and Exits:

  • Both offer Line-In/Optical inputs and Line-Out/Coaxial/Optical outputs for maximum flexibility.

Choose between WiiM Pro and WiiM Pro Plus for a high-quality music experience.

A Big Musical Heart in Compact Size

The WiiM Mini offers high-quality audio performance in a compact design, perfect for any environment . With advanced features, it delivers an extraordinary listening experience in a miniaturized format.

Clear Musical Details with TI5121 DAC

Equipped with a TI5121 DAC , the WiiM Mini ensures clear musical detail and immersive sound, bringing your music library to life with exceptional fidelity.

Balanced Audio Performance

With an ADC resolution of 48/16 , a signal-to-noise ratio of 106dB and a THD distortion of 0.025% , the WiiM Mini offers balanced audio performance, ensuring pleasant and uncompromising listening.

Powerful Technological Heart with Dualcore A7 CPU

The Dualcore A7 CPU inside the WiiM Mini provides the power needed to handle operations efficiently, ensuring smooth and responsive audio playback.

Versatile Inputs and Outputs to Adapt to Your Needs

With a Line-In input on 3.5mm minijack and Line-Out outputs on 3.5mm mini-jack / Optical, the WiiM Mini offers versatile options for connecting audio sources and amplifying your audio system with ease.

Adequate Memory for Continuous Playback

Equipped with 128Mb of DRAM and 128Mb of Flash , the WiiM Mini offers enough memory to ensure continuous, interruption-free playback of your favorite tracks.

Experience a world of sound with the WiiM series, the ideal companions for music lovers who want high-quality audio performance in a small space.