Final audio | ZE8000, auricolari senza compromessi

Final Audio is a company that has over 40 years of history, largely dedicated to the development of uncompromising headphones, and at any price level and shape.

What most characterizes the Japanese manufacturer is the research and development center, which the company interprets as a continuous journey to find the best possible sound, probing more and more thoroughly acoustics, psychoacoustics and materials engineering.

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These new ZE8000s derive directly from the A8000 intraurals, with a pure beryllium diaphragm, and able to offer the highest level of transparency in music reproduction.
The manufacturer's goal, in each of its creations, is to provide all the information contained in the music with the utmost precision, and for this reason Final has been slow to debut with wireless models , not being the first technologies capable of guaranteeing minimum quality acceptable by the manufacturer.

ze8000 black and white

ZE8000 are Truly Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones designed according to the dictates of the exclusive Final 8K SOUND technology , and are able to offer an unprecedented level of clarity.
Instead of focusing on fine-tuning particular frequencies, 8K SOUND technology takes care of the timing of every single bit, which is carefully calibrated with digital signal processing. In this way all the information residing within a piece of music is distinctly revealed in their best quality and aesthetics.

internal ze8000

But sound isn't everything. Especially for intraaurals more than any other headphones, comfort is paramount.

Many of the TWS systems are designed to place all of the components in the bowl area of ​​the ear, which can result in a headset size that is not suitable for people with small ears.

ze8000 detail

Final, however, for ZE8000 , has taken a new approach, creating a double structure that can adapt to all ear cups.

An internal one, called TYPE Q , which is inserted into the ear canal, and which is softer and able to guarantee a most comfortable fit, and an external one which rests only partially on the concha, ensuring, among other things, more points of contact, and therefore canceling the sensation of a "foreign body" typical of many intraurals.

ze8000 black

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