Diamond | Il nuovo gioiello di SPL

A high-level DAC/Pre, versatile, performing, and with a great sound

Diamond, the new jewel from SPL

Alongside Director Mk2 , a fully analog preamplifier with built-in DAC, this new Diamond, digital only, is equipped with an analog output section with potentiometer volume control.
SPL, a German company with over 33 years of history, was born from the passion for music of the two founders, Hermann Gier and Wolfgang Neumann. There are many products in the catalogue, based on the unsurpassed musical qualities of analog technology, which for SPL are the starting point in optimizing digital products.
There are many inventions introduced over time by Gier and Neumann, from the first discrete 5.1 Atmos surround microphone system, to that of VOLTAiR technology with 120V operational amplifier and then the exclusive and ingenious Phonitor Matrix for listening through headphones equivalent to that done with a pair of speakers.

Diamond: elegant and original in three classic SPL colours

Diamond has the classic aesthetics of all SPL products, and is available in the three classic colours, black, silver and red, the latter particularly original and very popular with the public.

VOLTAiR technology and AKM AK4490 Velvet Sound™ DAC

the heart of the SPL Diamond audio converter

Inside beats the heart of an AKM AK4490 Velvet Sound™ DAC, with 32/768 capacity and DSD up to 256, and adopts VOLTAiR technology, exclusive to the manufacturer, both for the low-pass filters and for the output buffer German. Extremely sophisticated, it is based on the use of proprietary operational amplifiers that work with a power supply of +/- 60V and therefore 120V total, which means a considerable increase in dynamics, from about 124 dB obtainable with a normal operational amplifier powered at +/- 15V at over 141 dB, with an appreciable improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio.

A sophisticated DAC with many connectivity options and customizable outputs

SPL Diamond automatically detects the sample rate and resolution of the source, and displays it on an eye-catching red dot matrix LED display. In addition to the volume knob, mechanically connected to the potentiometer, and therefore with the typical "spoon in honey" effect, there is the input selection, with 6 inputs, one USB, two optical, two coaxial, and an EAS/EBU, and finally the selector for the clock frequency, which can be that of the internal generator or an external third-party one.
The analog outputs are XLR or RCA and a dip switch is placed on the rear panel which makes one or the other pair or variable, therefore under the volume control, or fixed, so as to possibly connect a power amp in the first case or, for example, a headphone amplifier already equipped with volume.

Why buy SPL Diamond ?

  • SPL Diamond is a high quality DAC with an analog output section with potentiometer volume control, making it suitable for high quality music listening.
  • SPL's exclusive VOLTAiR technology , used in the low-pass filters and output buffer, improves sound dynamics and signal-to-noise ratio , resulting in more detailed and clearer sound.
  • Diamond uses an AKM AK4490 Velvet Sound™ DAC , which allows you to play Hi-Res Audio up to 32/768 and DSD up to 256, providing more detailed and accurate sound than standard DACs.
  • SPL Diamond automatically detects the sample rate and resolution of the source , simplifying the listening process and providing greater convenience.
  • With six inputs, AES/EBU, optical/coaxial SPDIF and USB-B, the Diamond is compatible with a wide range of audio sources and devices.
  • XLR or RCA analog outputs give you more flexibility in choosing which amplifiers or speakers to connect.
  • Diamond's classic aesthetic design integrates well into any high-quality audio system, also thanks to the range of finishes available (black, silver and red).
  • SPL is a German company with over 33 years of history and a wide range of high quality audio products, and a solid know-how in the high fidelity sector.
  • The SPL Diamond's price is competitive with other high quality DACs on the market.

SPL Diamond inputs

Maximum output level 32.5dBu
Output impedance 75 ohms
Frequency response 10Hz-300kHz
THD distortion 0.001%
Signal to noise ratio 102.3dB
Dynamic range 135dB
Entrances AES/EBU, Optical/Coaxial SPDIF, USB-B
Frequencies accepted 44.1 to 768kHz, DSD 256
DAC AKM 4490EX Velvet Sound
Diet 115/230VAC
On/standby consumption 40W/0.3W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 287x57x300mm
Weight 3.15kg