Technologically advanced products, beautiful, performing, and with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Anthem products have over 20 years of history. Many enthusiasts will remember Sonic Frontiers, a brand that made many audiophiles dream and that was at the top of world production in the 90s like many high-sounding brands. It was characterized by innovative products in the wake of tradition, all being based on the use of thermionic tubes. The Canadian Paradigm in the late 90s bought Sonic Frontiers, using the know-how to found Anthem. Although the use of valves was immediately abandoned, the founding values ​​of the company remained deeply rooted in Anthem products, i.e. "hands-on" design and all-round innovation: machines with great sonic value, reliable, with unprecedented functionality and finally, it never hurts, with an advantageous quality/price ratio.

Anthem preamplifiers, amplifiers and audio/video receivers today offer the most advanced tools available to easily connect, control, optimize and power all entertainment systems.

And precisely speaking of innovation, Anthem has developed a highly advanced room correction system, for which it is a leader today, and which adapts without problems to both stereo and Home Theater products. It's called ARC , Anthem Room Correction, and it's based on an extremely effective proprietary algorithm and based on the use of a microphone supplied together with a professional stand. Another innovation is the non-invasive ALM (Advanced Load Monitoring) circuitry based on the use of sensors and on board all amplifiers, which constantly monitors temperature, current and voltage to guarantee the best long-term performance.

Many of the components are designed in-house by Anthem, along with the hand-drawn circuit boards and custom-built toroidal transformers to specifications. Anthem products virtually vanish from the equation, decoding and/or amplifying the signal as pristinely as possible. Another objective of the Canadian manufacturer is ease of use and ergonomics. Clear connection diagrams, easy-to-navigate menus and controls arranged in a functional way so that they can be used by all members of the family.

The design is also very modern, especially in the STR series, the newborn line of two-channel products. A very elegant front divided into two parts, the one on the left with a splendid very large and bright OLED display while on the right side, with a rounded shape, the few commands necessary for use.

The AVM and MRX Home Theater series are also very innovative in design, while the numerous power amplifiers of the MCA, P and M series are more classic.